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We have a towing service availablePainting and color matching in our state of the art paint boothWe will estimate your repairs and submit them to the insurance company via emailWe can replace the windows and even fix the motors if necessaryWe will provide documentation and correspond with your insurance companyWe can install trailer hitchesCar Rentals are availableWe service RV's and Motor Homes as well as cars and trucksAuto body repair is our businessWe can straighten out the frame and restore a solid ride to your carOther Services

Towing: If your car is not driveable due to accident damage, we will have it towed right here to our repair shop. We can add the towing expense to your collision repair bill for your convenience. If you choose not to use one of our rental cars and need someone to pick you up when the repair is completed, we can do that for you.

Estimating: Once your car is here, we can estimate the cost of repairs for the collision damage. We combine our computerized estimating programs with our experience to come up with a fair and complete estimate. Thus you will be assured of a complete estimate of both the collision repair and parts cost. If we find later that additional parts or repairs were needed due to the car's age or some other unforseen circumstance, we will file a supplemental adjustment and work with the insurance company to make sure that your vehicle is fixed properly. If you are on a budget, we may be able to find aftermaket or used parts if that would be appropriate and not compromise the repair. We will get the estimate to your insurer almost instantly because our estimating software emails it, along with the relevant photographs and images to them.

Providing documentation and pictures to the insurance companies: Yes, and we can interact with them regarding any issues they might have. Our body shop is very familiar with Indiana insurance laws and practices, and we deal with all the major carriers, epecially in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Mr. Collision will advocate for the best repair for your cars as we feel it will serve future safety for the good of all involved. We will get you the highest possible coverage, so you and your car will be safe! Our collision repair facility will handle all of the paperwork for you so you can relax and take care of your business while we repair your car. Feel free to ask our collision repair experts for advice on anything that might require a decision regarding whether or not a repair is better handled 'out of pocket,' or if a claim would be best for your situation. Remember, that regardless of the insurance company's preference of collision repair shops or their assessment of the damage, these are your decisions - not theirs. When you choose Mr. Collision, you can be sure that we have your best interests in mind and that you will drive away in a car that is properly fixed with the best parts. You should only be responsible for your deductable amount in any case, if there is any.

Rental cars: We do have a small on-site fleet of rental cars here at the very same repair center where your car is being fixed, and also an arrangement with Enterprise. We will coordinate with your insurance company so you can get the best car possible until your car repair is completed. Remember, that in Indiana, the insurance company is obligated to provide you with a car that is comparable to the one you were driving, regardless of what they say. This is true under Indiana's loss of use damage laws and rulings. They are definitely responsible for a daily rental based on the value of the particular car or truck that was damaged. Other collision repair shops would settle for letting you have some kind of low-budget car, but we will not help anyone to lower your standards of comfort or safety just so they can save a buck.

Body Work: We'll remove the dents, fix the glass, and return the body to a flawless appearance. Body repair work is always determined by the collision damage, but usually involves some common things like removing parts to get to the damage and set them aside until after the painting is done. Some parts can be hammered out and/or filled in with a metal filler - sometimes they just need to be replaced. Usually a fair amout of sanding is involved. Mechanical repairs may be needed - we can do many of them right here in our body shop, but sometimes we need outside expertise depending on the difficulty. Sometimes parts will be removed prior to painting; sometimes we use tape to mask off areas to avoid overspray during the painting. After the painting and the other collision repair, the trim and any removed items are replaced, and everything is cleaned up and detailed so it will be as clean as ever.

Frame Work: We have the equipment and know-how to straighten it out for you. Most passenger cars use the 'unibody' platform which is to say the incorporation of the entire vehicle structure, this is our most common situation for automobile frame repair. Otherwise, you probably have 'body on frame' which is still fairly common on larger suv's and pickup trucks. Good collision repair shops will take into account the many different types of metals and how they are applied. We are experts at this, but beware of others who might use an inflexible metal in an area that needs to bend or other common mistakes that could put your life at risk. Also, Mr. Collision uses high quality metals providing the most strength. Did you know that unibody design is based on airplanes? It is often described as an egg shell design which allows the collision energy to be dispersed from the passenger compartment along the rest of the vehicle. Unibody also employs crush zones which are weaker by design in the front and rear - this reduces the impact on the passenger compartment when they get crushed. This design does require some very specific parts for structural strength and sound reduction. We are mindful of these things to keep with the spirit and function of your vehicle. The other type of frame design is the 'body on frame,' which essentially isolates the frame from the body and attaches with bolts and uses rubber isolators. Usually these are much heavier vehicles by the way, but we do repair collision damage to trucks and suv's, so it is worth mentioning. There really are up's and down's to either frame design. Be assured that our frame repair systems can handle both types of design to re-establish your car or truck's strength and support which might have suffered during a collision.

Painting: From prep to finishing - we are the best. We have a full selection of paints and can mix them to match the color of your car. The area being painted will have any necessary sanding done and it will be primed as well. At our body shop we use a state-of-the-art painting booth with brilliant lighting where we spray on the paint and then bake it at about 130 to 140 degrees. Unlike most of our inferior competition, our paint jobs are fully cured and ready for action when you pick up your car. You can treat it normally and not have to take special care to prevent damage. If you need to go to your favorite car wash even a day or 2 after you get your car back, it's no problem.

Our paint shop is known for the following specialties:
  • Baked Finishes
  • Clear Coat
  • Color Matching
  • Custom Work
  • General Auto Paint
  • Metallics
  • Paint Removal
  • Paint repair and touch-ups
  • Pearl finishes
  • Refinishing

Glass Work: Our body shop can replace your window glass resulting from any source of damage. Mr. Collision can remove the old glass, be it from the front or rear windshields, or the glass in your car doors. We can also repair or replace the motors if they have become inoperable.

Other Services...

Detailing? Yes, sometimes this becomes quite necessary as a result of collision damage. You don't need to worry that the car will be returned with a soiled or dirty interior. We can buff out and polish the exterior surfaces as needed so the newer finishes match with the older finishes.

Window Tinting? That is something we do not do, but if it is needed to match your new glass to existing tints, we can farm that out.

Install Trailer Hitches? No problem! We have the expertise and welding skills to do a very nice job of installing a trailer hitch for you.

Early Bird Drop-off service? Yes, there is a drop box just to the left of the front door. Just put your keys and information in there and a service representative will call you during business hours.

Warranties? Of course, we guarantee our work in writing.

Pickup and Delivery Service? An employee of Mr. Collision can pick you up or deliver your vehicle to wherever you need it within a reasonable distance from our collision repair facility.

Rustproofing? Yes, but only on a collision repair. This is not a service we offer per se.

Wheel Alignment? We will do that if you need it as part of a collision repair.

Interior Head Liner Installation and Interior Restoration? This is not something we do, but we could farm this out during the course of a collision repair.

Motor Homes and RV's? Yes, we are happy to repair both motor homes and RV's here. Our body shop handles them as well as cars and trucks.

Motorcycles? We can handle motorcycle body work - mainly we will paint and maybe straighten gas tanks and fenders, but we are not a motorcycle repair shop.

Watercraft? No, we do not do that.

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